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Secret 66 Victim





You only become the victim is you do not learn from your mistakes.  You say a random act of selfishness by someone cost you $1000.  What can be learned from that?

I might turn that around and say what can you gain by feeling victimized?  Unhappy, depressed, sad, angry, on guard.  Even being on guard can not assure you that some random bad event will not happen to you again.

Why not learn to be less attached to things that can be taken from you or damaged?  Why not learn that not feeling like a victim will prevent you from feeling unhappy, depressed, sad or angry when even the same exact misfortune happens again?  Why not learn how to be more prepared and less vulnerable to the same misfortune, as well as, more prepared and less vulnerable to misfortunes that you do not see coming your way?

If you see trouble it is best to avoid it if you can.  Becoming a victim and feeling sorry for yourself always leads to unhappiness and is the number one source of depression.  It is just plain lazy to just give up and feel picked on.  Being a victim is the exact opposite of responsibility and proactive behavior, which is key to happiness and success.

Being responsible means seeing difficulties and disappointments as opportunities to grow and be stronger.  Learn from your mistakes and from the randomness of life so that you can take charge of your life.

Why now? Why me? I deserve better. --becomes-- Next time I know what I need to do.  I control life, life does not control me.  I can make things right and better.
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