72 Secrets to Happiness
Secret 62 Wisdom





True wisdom is lived not preached.  If you feel like you need to help other around you because they have problems which you can solve but they can not; then you are not only not wise enough to help but in need of help yourself.

Great wisdom knows that living by example is the only way to influence others.  True wisdom does not look for faults in others but faults of self.  Without wisdom; happiness is brief and not lasting.  To save the world first you must save yourself.  To save your children, first you must save yourself.

To gain wisdom you must humble yourself to the realization that you need the greatest help and not those around you.  You must look in the mirror and see the real you.  You must take responsibility for everything, including your work, neighbors, family, and weather.  You and only you have made the decisions that have led you to where and who you are.  You and only you can lead yourself to happiness by taking responsibility of your life and changing it to one that makes you happy.

This may take years but though the path may be long it is the only route to happiness.
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